Ian Rufus

Professional qualifications

Tertiary Qualifications:

Bachelor of Town Planning (UNSW 1979).

Master of Heritage Conservation (University of Sydney, 1998).

Memberships & Affiliations:

Planning Institute of Australia

NSW Heritage Office Register of Heritage Consultants

Australian Garden History Society

Historic Houses Trust

Lithgow Escarpment Landcare Group - convenor


National Award for Outstanding Volunteers from Environment Australia (2002).

Professional working experience

Ian Rufus of Hillcrest (2010 to present):



Planning, building and heritage specialist for consultancy, employing 4 staff in design, research and landscape

Rose Deco Planning & Design P/L (1989 to 2010):



Full-time: 2007 to present. Part time: 1989 to 2007.

Building and heritage specialist for consultancy

Lithgow City Council (1990 to 2007):


Environmental & Planning Services Division:

Planning and Development Manager
Senior Environmental Planner
Heritage Environmental Planner

Penrith City Council (1983 to 1990):


Environment and Heritage Branch:

Environmental Planner
Senior Development Control Planner

Marrickville Municipal Council (1980 to 1982):


Town Planner.
Heritage liaison

Masters degree research:

Conservation Management Plans for outbuildings & grounds of Eskbank House, Lithgow.

Report on the Presentation of an Industrial Heritage town.

Prepared papers for Department of Urban Affairs and Planning on materials conservation and detailed schedule of finishes.


Part author of “Furnace Fire and Forge”, a major publication on the development of the Iron and Steel industry at Lithgow.

Provided specialist contribution and editorial advice on the NSW Government Heritage Office publication "The Maintenance of Heritage Assets: a practical guide". 
This valuable document gives practical advice for property managers in the government and private sector in the management of heritage properties.


SPECIALISED EXPERTISE (refer to accompanying project list)

Heritage assessment and principles of heritage conservation


Building, planning, interpretation and management of heritage items. Specialising in urban design, industrial, domestic and other built fabric.

Preparation of planning controls and conditions of development consent


Drafting and using legislation to identify development issues and guide proposals within and outside government, including approvals for viable uses to conserve and retain heritage items.

Knowledge of all levels of government


30 years experience working with local and state government, and also federal government requirements.

Knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation


I have worked with the Acts and Regulations since their inception, finding the best outcome for Council and other clients.

Knowledge and understanding of heritage requirements


Management of Council’s Heritage Advisor program and giving heritage advice as part of building and development process, including privately-owned residential properties I have used the principles and detail of the Burra Charter, the NSW Heritage Manual and the Local Government Heritage Guidelines extensively. The list of projects and my experience speak for this.

Experience in negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution, dealing with stakeholders.


I have been at the forefront of negotiation in my work, ensuring smooth operation and expedient processing of applications, often finding solutions where others have not. See attached testimonials.

Regularly and routinely deal with the range of various levels of government as well as community stakeholders. Particular notoriety as a negotiator.

Stella Rufus

Professional qualifications

Tertiary Qualifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (UWS 2007)


Lithgow Show Fine Arts Champion (2003).

Portland Art Society Scholarship Winner (2003).

Professional working experience

Rose Deco Planning & Design P/L, then Ian Rufus of Hillcrest (2008 to present):


Research Manager, research for documents and reports including:
- photographic documentation of sites,
- sourcing written and other documentary evidence ,
- drafting and editing reports,
- basic CAD work and instructing draftsman.

High Ground Consulting (December 2000):


Work Experience.

Union Theatre, Lithgow:

- building foundations, archaeological investigations,
- investigated history, site measurements, documentation


MX Magazine (article) 2007:

Still frame of my animation The Hair Tree
featured as part of an article about the
band ‘Mirth’

Artist’s profile

Interviewed by Claire Frost, for the ‘Noise’
 website: www.noise.net/artist-interview.

Fine Arts experience

Sunshine Bubs, Camperdown, Sydney (2008)

Mural design &painting:

Designed and painted a 300m2 mural in a warehouse converted into a childcare centre, managing and co-ordinating interior designer/artist.


‘Open: Space’ exhibition by Arthorse, Benowa, Gold Coast Queensland:

- December 2007: Twenty handmade dolls and patches were created; these works took approximately two months to produce.

- October 2007: Animated work Handbirth screened.

‘Mish-Mash’ exhibition, Twenty 10 Gallery Newtown - October 2007

- artworks exhibited

-Installation technician position

‘Fray’ exhibition by The Gift Project - Blacktown Arts Centre, August  (September 2007)

-Animated work Handbirth screened

- fifty of my hand sewn dolls and twenty patches left on a ‘gift wall’, where people could take them for free.
[These works took approximately three months to complete]

Animations: [Each animated work takes at least three months to complete.]

Animated work Exchange short listed & screened:

The Gift Project art collective at Lan Franchis
Memorial Discothèque Sydney, (2007):

-Animated work The Birds screened, additional tasks
included: event planning and organisation, badge making.

 ‘Ironfest’ Lithgow NSW (April 2007):
Screening of animated work The Hair Tree, which was made especially for this exhibition.



Galactic Peacock Productions (June 2007)


Logo design

Alison Lynes Creations (May 2001)


Work Experience - Jewellery making, clothes dying, Window Dressing, Reception and Banking.